01 August 2017

My Onitsuka Boys

Zara cup and polo shirt, H&M shirt and shorts, Uniqlo shorts, Onitsuka shoes

They just love Onitsuka shoes, especially the younger one (can you guess which one? LOL). Because of his love for the brand, we had to go Causeway Bay while we were vacationing in Hong Kong to get a new pair.

Not bad, actually, because of that we were able to explore the swanky Causeway Bay. So, if you happen to be in Hong Kong and you want to check out cool Onitsuka Tiger shoes, go to Leighton Plaza G09 in Causeway Bay.

I find it amusing now that my boys are all grown up. They are now more mindful of their clothes. Some of the brands they love are Uniqlo, H&M, Penshoppe, and Zara (but we only go if there's a sale for obvious reasons, LOL), Niké, Vans, Mizuno, Asics.

I hope to get them to stand and pose next time! *wink*wink*

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