18 August 2017

Wearing Two Watches as Fashion

Princess Diana

PHOTO: Graham Wood/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

Princess Diana was seen wearing two wristwatches to the polo matches of her then-fiancé Prince Charles. The second watch was given to her by Prince Charles, so she was wearing it for good luck. Sweet, isn't it? ;)  

We often see stacking of bracelets as arm candies. But this 'stacking' of wristwatches... I kinda like it! Ha ha!

What do you think? 

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12 August 2017

When I Wore a Long Wrap Dress

Long Wrap Dress: flea market | Inner top: Zara | Jeans: Uniqlo | Sandals: Aldo | Backpack: Drex Fable, HKIA shop

 Shorts: Uniqlo | Accessory: iWatch
Location shoot: Poolside of Solemare Parksuites, Aseana Business Park, Parañaque City

I found this dress in a US flea market. I was not sure if it was a long dress for a very tall woman or a long wrap dress. But I fancy it to be the latter because the buttons were just half-way down the waist and it has a sheer fabric.

In any case, I wore it as a long wrap dress one Sunday. It's my Sunday OOTD. LOL. Since the first part of our Sunday was to go to church, I wore jeans underneath it. After hearing mass, I changed into shorts. This time we would be attending two birthday parties.

With my hair in a bun, I looked matronly in the first photo. While in the succeeding photos, I looked preggo. Ha ha!

Never mind. I just wanted to share that fashion and style can be pulled off with confidence and happy disposition.

Insert a big smile here.

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11 August 2017

Got a Wedding Dress, Yet?


Last week, Marriott Hotel Manila staged the most coveted bridal show, Marry Me At Marriott.

On its 5th year, Marriott features the most promising and talented Filipino fashion designers who are starting to make waves in the bridal fashion industry.

If you're planning to get married anytime soon, you can get inspirations from this awesome bridal wear collection.

The show opens with the much-sought after young designer Michael Leyva, who is getting to be known for his swirl of embroidery and tulle. If I remember it right, he was introduced as one of Kris Aquino's new designers back in 2015.

 Anne Curtis, Michael Leyva's muse, in a resplendent red wedding gown... Stunning!

Hannah Kong follows suit. Hannah who studied embroidery in Ecole Lesage, Paris, France, uses  an embroidery technique known as Lunéville or Tambour. Her style speaks of masterful workmanship highlighting the bride's femininity, daintiness, and delicateness.

 Hannah Kong's muse, Maricar Reyes

Next comes Happy Andrada's bridal collection. Happy is getting to be known for her intricately designed bridal creations, which often comes with embellishments of crystals, fringes, and feathers. For this collection, Hannah highlights each wedding gown in distinct color palette with an intricately elegant head accessory. 


The show ends with Avel Bacudio's collection. Avel was awarded Asia’s Most Influential Designer 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asian Fashion Week where he established himself as one of the cutting-edge designers. He got his big break when he won Smirnoff Fashion Award in 2002. For this collection, Avel tells ABS-CBN News online that he will introduce the idea of a ready-to-wear line consisting of separates with each piece carrying the gorgeous intricacies of a wedding ensemble, but having the possibility of being mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection.

 Avel Bacudio's muse, Alden Richards, who is one dashing groom!

Have you decided yet? ;)  

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09 August 2017

Moms on Style

Our square pants: Zara | Mom's top: Forever 21 | My top: Stradivarius 
Mom's sandals: SM Parisian | My flats: Yosi Samra

She is 75 years old and I am 48 but look at us! LOL

Mother and I have a lot of things in common. One of which is shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories! We can go on for days and hours to just go window shopping and shopping (if there's a budget, ha ha!). When she and father visit, expect that I would have new living room and kitchen stuff, and my house would be super clean.  

One time, we took father shopping and we steered him toward Zara, and of course you know why. So, that's how we got this square pants---same style and same color but different sizes. Mine is medium, hers is large. Ha ha! 

We went home happy campers!   

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03 August 2017

Three Things I Didn't Know About Waterproof Mascara

This is my stash: B6D | Maybelline | Dior | Clinique | Majolica Majorica | Lóreal

I always opt for waterproof mascara because my skin is on the oily side (though skin type analysis says that I have combination skin), and I don't want smudges under my eyes. So, I've been using waterproof mascara ever since I can remember.   

Now this.

I read an article on Self about the effect of  waterproof mascara and how to properly remove it if we do decide to use it. 

Here goes...

1. Waterproof mascara can dry your lashes. It has silicone and wax, which make it resilient to water sweat, and tears. These ingredients can have the effect of drying your lashes.  

2.  Removing it is a multi-step process. Being waterproof, it is also difficult to remove. So, you have to make several swipes on your lashes that could do more harm than good. So, it is best to use oil-based make up remover first. For me, I use Pond's cold cream as my makeup remover. 

3. You MUST take it off before going to sleep. And you MUST remove it before you go to sleep even if it's a tedious process to do so.  Letting it stay on can dry your lashes and will cause them to fall out. Hmmm... this could be the cause of my thinning lashes. You see, I used to have blacker, thicker and longer eyelashes when I was single. 

Read the full article here.   

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02 August 2017

How I Maintain a Full-Bodied Hair

In short, I don't comb my hair after shampooing or conditioning. I just let it dry. 

It works for me, might work for you, too.

To view this clip, check out my IG stories at @momonfashio007.

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01 August 2017

My Onitsuka Boys

Zara cup and polo shirt, H&M shirt and shorts, Uniqlo shorts, Onitsuka shoes

They just love Onitsuka shoes, especially the younger one (can you guess which one? LOL). Because of his love for the brand, we had to go Causeway Bay while we were vacationing in Hong Kong to get a new pair.

Not bad, actually, because of that we were able to explore the swanky Causeway Bay. So, if you happen to be in Hong Kong and you want to check out cool Onitsuka Tiger shoes, go to Leighton Plaza G09 in Causeway Bay.

I find it amusing now that my boys are all grown up. They are now more mindful of their clothes. Some of the brands they love are Uniqlo, H&M, Penshoppe, and Zara (but we only go if there's a sale for obvious reasons, LOL), Niké, Vans, Mizuno, Asics.

I hope to get them to stand and pose next time! *wink*wink*

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28 July 2017

How I Looked at #MarryMeAtMarriott

My first ever bathroom selfie XD
Black dress: RMK | Shoes: Figlia | Handbag: T Studio | Shawl a gift from Spain | Accessories: Forever 21 & iPhone 7

Marriott Hotel Manila held its 5th Marry Me At Marriott last Monday, and I was happy to be able to go and witness the spectacular event. Think of hot cars on the ramp and hot celebrities wearing creations of top couturier. That calls for another blog post. 

Makeup by me. I am quite pleased with how it turned out! :)

I used the following products. 

Miniso solid waterproof eyebrow pencil in red brown (#5) | B6D Flaring Curl Mascara | Victoria Secret shiny kiss flavored gloss | Mac in Lustre Plink | Clinique lulu for dk | YSL Touche Blush (#4) | Maybelline NY eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner (#02 brown) | Lóreal Paris True Match Genius 4-in-1 primer+foundation+concealer+powder in Gold Ivory   

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