09 May 2010

T-shirts, the Official Summer Clothing

With El Nino, summer is made more humid, hotter, and warmer. I'm known not to perspire even after exercising or walking several miles. But this summer, I find myself all wet even after I shower or bathe. That is how terrible this summer is.

And mind you, I have not had a summer like this so far as I can remember.

So, when my family decided to go on summer vacation to an island that is known to be dry and hot, I thought of only one kind of clothing to bring that will go perfectly well with jeans, shorts, or short skirts: t-shirts!

What I especially like about t-shirts is that they can be worn casually or semi-formally, You just accessorize it a bit and voila! you'll have a cool getup for any occasion. I am also seeing customized t-shirts as the new trend in t-shirts design lately.

These customized tshirts are often themed such as following the latest sports trend or a hit movie. Sports or movies even go to such length as creating a set of apparel as part of their promotion.

Take for example these Eclipse t-shirts. We all know about the hit Stephanie Meyer has had with her Twilight series. And her Book 3, Eclipse is also made into a movie. Fans would just love to get a hold of those Eclipse apparel

Now, don't underestimate the power of t-shirts. T-shirts can be sexy, too. I know of men who find women wearing oversized t-shirts as sexy. Men wearing t-shirts with or without jackets on are equally sexy, too. I enjoy looking at such men on GQ.


  1. oversized t-shirts can be sexy i think, as long as they are not too oversized. i am happy the trend for tiny tiny t-shirts seems to have passed. I have so many old t-shirts from my teenage years, i am going to dig them out and see if any of them could be wearable again now. so cool!

  2. I say yes to t-shirts anytime! :)


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