GT: My NEW Mango Sunnies

Thursday, December 01, 2011 Meikah Ybañez-Delid 7 Comments

The theme of this week's Girls Talk is Something New

Let me start with  my new Mango sunnies. My niece gave it to me. ;)) 

Now, I'm trying to recall all the something new and I've never... that I've had the past months.

  • I've never had hair highlights or color my hair til this year. 
  • I've never watched a live and world-class football game. I watched all of the Azkals game this year, except the one on Saturday because tickets are way too expensive! :D
  • I've never watched a Pacquiao fight live coverage on TV because I would get anxious. I would watch only the replays. But I did watch his match with Marquez last November 12th, and well to my disappointment, it was not Pacquaio's best fight.

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  1. those sunnies are so fab! isn't nice to list down a few of our "something new" this year? :)

    visiting thru GT, hope you can check out my entry, too!

  2. Hallo, thanks for checking out my GT! :) Yeah it's really cool to try out something new!

  3. cool sunnies! hihi
    visiting your entry..

  4. Thanks for visiting Mommy Marlyn! :)

  5. I love Mango... They really release cool stuff there. :-) Nice sunnies!

    Visiting for GT.
    Here's my entry

  6. awww.. first time you watched pacquiao and it was disappointing! :(

    but, lots of great new things for you this year. happy for you! those sunglasses look lovely on you, btw!


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