#OOTDs: Brands I Wore in 2016

Wore this during our 18th wedding anniversary date at Vue Bar, Bellevue Hotel Alabang
Dress: Zara | Shoes: Payless | Watch: Apple | Bag: Parfois | Accesories: The Bead Shop | Necklace: mine

At the Madonna: The Rebel Tour Concert, MOA Arena
Scarf: SM Store | Blouse: People Are People | Denim: Penshoppe | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Nine West

Wore this when I traveled to visit folks
Denim Jacket: Wrangler | Denims: Mossimo | Shirt: Uniqlo | Sandals: Payless

Wore this one rainy morning to catch Pokemons XD
Jogging Pants: | Shirt: Uniqlo | Rubber Shoes: Nike | Hoodie: UPAA Merchandise

At the Unlimited Event, BGC
Shirt: Forever 21 | Denims: Levi's | Sandals: FitFlop | Bag: Shoebox

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Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer

via on Instagram

Didn't know Girl Stuff nail lacquer can give your nails that instant lacquer finish in just two applications till now. 

And for this particular Girl Stuff polish, I got an instant nail art, too! There's another shade--red hearts over black polish--that I like to get, too. Maybe later? LOL 

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Engagement OOTD

 Top: Her Bench
Leggings: Forever21
Flats: Leaveland

We went up to Tagaytay about four weeks ago for a love engagement. The niece of my boyfriend proposed and we were all thrilled! 

To match the theme of the occasion, which is love, I wore red! ;) 

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Three Ways to Wear Your Leggings

If you're a woman with a lot on your plate, chances are you don't always have a lot of time on your hands to plan an elaborate wardrobe. However, it is very important to put your best foot forward. When you look your best, you feel your best. Knowing this, there is one key item every woman must keep in the fashion arsenal. It's very easy to dress up or dress down. It's a very comfortable item as well. If you haven't caught on yet, leggings are the item to strongly consider purchasing. Better yet, it's a great idea to get a few pairs and in a variety of darker colors. 

1. Gym
Exercise is very important for weight maintenance and overall health. For most people, exercise isn't fun to do. However, when you look good doing it, you're more likely to stick with it. Pick out a few fun colored mopas leggings wholesale and enjoy switching it up for your workouts during the week. Leggings are easy to slip on along with a sports bra and a simple t-shirt or tank top. Top it off with a pair of supportive sneakers and a baseball cap. Now, you've effortlessly pulled off an easy look that will keep you looking polished while you work up a sweat. 

2. Running Errands
During those days when it's time to run errands, it's easy to look disheveled. However, throw on a pair of dark leggings and match it with a longer t-shirt or a fun button-up blouse, a cute slingback bag and a nice pair of sandals. Smooth the hair back into a sleek bun and apply a simple coat of lipstick. Once you get outside, put on a chic pair of sunglasses and you'll look good enough to get photographed by the paparazzi. 

3. Date night 
Date nights and leggings might seem to contradict one another. However, a sleek dark blouse with a dark pair of leggings combines to make an incredibly svelte combination. Instead of adding sandals or sneakers, put on a pair of strappy sandals, a few bracelets and a statement necklace for a sophisticated yet comfortable look. The key to pulling off this look is making sure the pieces are monochromatic and dark. 

These are the three classic ways to get the best use out of your leggings. Before long, you'll get into an easy groove of wearing them and you won't want to wear much else! 

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Father's Day OOTD : Gray and Black

Shirt: Gildan US | Skirt: Bayo | Sandals: Primadonna |  Wristlet: Michael Kors | Necklace: Xoxo

 Gray and black... I kinda liked my look! :) 

This is what I wore yesterday when we heard mass and went on for the Father's Day dinner with family.

One thing is sure: I am BLESSED to have a husband who is a good provider, very understanding and loving to his kids, to my family, and to me; and a father who has guided me to be who I am today, and is still supportive of everything I do.

Happy Father's Day!

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5 Summer Trip Must-Haves and Making Space for More

Buri hat from a flea market, crocheted coverup, distressed denim shorts

I just love summer because it means travel for my family at least, beaches, sunsets and sunrise. So, what we do is save up for this summer trip, and that includes all the summer must-haves.

Let me share with you my list.

1. Buri hat. Aside from looking sophisticated and really touristy, a buri hat is mainly to protect your face from UV rays.

2. Coverup. Mine is a crocheted coverup. But you can have any kind actually. For me a coverup saves me from bringing extra pair of shirt because with a coverup, you can already wear your swimwear, cover up, and you're ready to go. When you reach the beach, you can just take off your coverup and dive! Ha ha!

3. Rompers. For some reason, this summer, I got really fond of rompers. I guess because it's a blouse or shirt and shorts (or top and bottom) in one.

#OOTD Promod romper | Longchamp tote | Parfois necklace | Forever 21 Cardigan | ballet flats

Forever 21 Denim Romper | Native bags

4. Native bags. It's easy to carry and not very common, so you always get the envious looks of people. he he! These are my favorite ones. 

5. Malong or Kafin Hanno. The malong (the one used as a spread in the photo above) is traditionally used as a garment by numerous tribes in the Southern Philippines and the Sulu Archipelago. Its origin is from the ethnical group of Maranao, Maguindanao and T’boli located in Mindanao {Source}. Whenever I travel, I always bring a malong with me because I use it as a blanket and cover whenever I needed to change clothes and there are no dressing rooms nearby.

I am sure these summer trip must-haves won't have you looking like a typical tourist. This list, of course, is on top of the swimwear, slippers, goggles and all other summer clothes that you will be needing while traveling.

That means, you will be adding to your closet, which you probably  have just spring-cleaned a few months back. Well, don't fret. I found an ally in MakeSpace.

MakeSpace is a new service that comes to your place, grabs your stuff, and stores it. Through the use of the app you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage whenever!!! It’s kind of like having a second closet, or even a personal assistant that brings you your stuff at a snap of your fingers.

Download the app from the App Store. Set a time and date to have your stuff picked up. They will come to your home, pick up your things and store it in their storage facility.

Here's the price guide. 

It's simple, affordable and you don’t have to leave the house! Cool, isn't it? *wink*

Click here ow to see if MakeSpace is available in your area

It is indeed your closet in the cloud!

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HeyJow: Unboxing of a Jewel

I have been a fan of HeyJow ever since I saw their beautiful collection online. Then when I saw their Summer Symphony collection, I told myself, I had to get one of their pieces soon.

Shortly after that I received an email saying that they are celebrating their anniversary and giving away special discounts to their followers. I jumped at the chance! 

So here I am unboxing a beautiful jewel!

Amethyst point crystal attached to a box chain, paired with gold rondelle beads with a lobster claw enclosure and extender for easy length adjustment

This violet and lilies - Wisteria Bracelet Duo is beautiful, isn't it? 

So what are you waiting for? Head now to their website. They are still celebrating their anniversary with a the Spectral Soiree collection!

Click the image and Shop now!

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OOTD for Malling, and a Bit of Shopping

White Top: Forever 21
Distressed Jeans: Penshoppe
Sandals: Birkenstock
Bag: Vintage Paris Lo'la Handbag (bought from Zalora.com)
Accessories: Pandora, iPhone6s, Technomarine, Giordano

Yes, it's so comfy for malling and doing a bit of shopping. :P

Lately, I've been wearing white thingies. I dunno why! ;))

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The Style Hack I Want to Achieve!

Combine Colours In The Same Colour Family

I love it!!! 

Read more Style Hacks by Natasha Evangelista HERE.

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Get Your Happy Skin Loyalty Card now!

Good news for Happy Skin fans! 
Happy Skin just launched their first-ever Happy Skin Loyalty Card. 
This exclusive card is the only thing you need to receive beauty rewards—the more you shop, the more free products you get!

Shop now!

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