25 November 2010

Choosing the Right Pool Cover and Roller

The benefits of a pool cover far outweigh the simple tasks of installation and maintenance. Pool
are the a simple concept. They protect your pool from falling debris and leaves and keep in the heat that's lost through evaporation. Although it may seem a simple enough concept and it is
simple to use on your end, investing in the wrong type of pool cover can have disastrous effects in
the long run.

Go for quality every time. A flimsy, paper thin pool cover will be ineffectual at stopping evaporation
and will more than likely allow sediments to fall into your pool, something you can't afford to happen during the Winter months when you can't see the damage that's being done to your pool. Low-end pool covers are little more than large tarps and will often sink slightly into the pool, allowing water to sit on top of it and fester, which in turn will corrupt the rest of the water. After a couple of months your pool will resemble a dirty pond and you'll probably end up having to shoo ducks away on a daily basis. Tying down your pool cover is very important. High winds can seep underneath your cover and, as it has a very large surface area, easily move it around your pool or, in worst case scenarios, flip it off completely.

Your pool cover should be fit for your pool. Buying one off the shelf is going to almost guarantee you have problems. Each pool is a different size and many are odd shapes. Your pool cover needs to cover all parts of your pool, and will need to be, at minimum, wider and longer than the maximum width and length (respectively) of your pool. Talk to a professional about getting your pool fit for a pool cover. You can do this online by taking accurate measurements of your pool and feeding it into a calculator. Don't skimp on the measurements either, it's not going to do you any favours.

Invest in a strong pool cover for the Winter months when you're not using your pool. Your pool cover should be strong enough to support the weight of, say, a cat if it wanders onto your cover or at least give you enough warning to save a small child should they venture too close. A strong cover will give you peace of mind.

If you appreciate a warmer pool, even in the height of summer, then a solar pool cover is most
definitely the right choice for you. Solar pool covers work by trapping the warmth of sunlight in your
pool. This combined with halting the warmth lost through evaporation mean your pool could be up
to 8% warmer than usual.

Once you've chosen your pool cover the next question is how to easily manage taking it on and off. Simply dragging it off the surface of your pool and folding or screwing it up for later will damage it and you'll soon be toddling off to buy a new one. A pool cover roller will ease your life and only takes minutes to install. They are completely adjustable according to the specifications of your pool cover and will keep it intact and in good health for years to come.

There's no simpler (or cheaper) investment for your pool than a pool cover and a pool cover roller. They'll help your pool pump and filter run smoothly and keep your pool looking smooth and fresh every time you unwrap it.

18 November 2010

Today's Fashion Accessory

I wore all pearls. ;)

Earrings: from The Ramp Crossings
Bracelet: Greenbelt 1 Flea Stall
Necklace: two strands from Greenhills Shopping Center
Blouse: Bayo from the Powerplant Mall

Now, I wish I was able to add this watch to my ensemble. :D 

16 November 2010

Trying out the Celeteque Brand

One day, as I was going through racks of facial cleansers, I decided to try out the Celeteque brand. Why? No particular reason except that I wanted to try it out. LOL

I like it. After every wash with the Celeteque facial wash, I feel my skin go supple and soft. An interesting thing about it is that it is also a good eye makeup/makeup remover. Other facial washes I've tried, I had to use yet another makeup remover. 
For a more dramatic effect, as the product literature suggested, I paired the Celeteque facial with the Celeteque moisturizer. What I like about the moisturizer is that it absorbs into the skin and is not greasy at all. 

The first time I used these products, I didn't feel any itchiness unlike those that I've tried. And oh they come much cheaper, too.  ;) 

Celeteque is a good deal, actually.

11 November 2010

Handbags Are a Woman's Best Friend, too!

All of my female friends love bags!  Agree?

That statement may just be true. Women collect all kinds of bags---from handbags to backpacks to luggage. They want to have bags for all occasions, that's why. Oh, come to think of it, men may just collect them too. LOL

One thing's for sure, though. I collect bags! So as the Christmas season is nearing, I know I'll have bags on my shopping list.

I've been wanting to get my hands on those Prada handbags, and if I have enough cash, I'm sure I'll have them in my collection, too. I like their designs because they are functional and at the same stylish.

The Rebecca Minkoff handbags are also my type! They have innovative designs and I see celebrities carrying them.

Or I may just get the Marc Jacobs handbags. They have designs that I can wear to the office and for parties.

Handbags complete the look of a woman. That is why women invest in them.

Now, I'll have to work double time to afford these handbags!
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Maira Gall