20 September 2010

Brand name hunting- The truth about getting good deals

Brand names can be a maze of possibilities for shoppers. The good news is that most retailers and online merchants use them as attention-getters, and they’re often prepared to offer good discounts. If you’re looking for washing machines, for example, you can find top name brands pretty easily, and the comparison in prices can save you a fortune.

The advantages of searching

Searching for brand names has one major advantage- Finding the best suppliers. Whatever you’re looking for, the price comparisons can be astonishing. Many online sellers are also excellent sources for a whole range of things, from white goods to electricals and computers. These sellers often work exclusively online, meaning their overheads are lower and they can sell much more cheaply.

These are also turnover based businesses, and they work very much on volume. They’re more interested in numbers of sales, and you can expect to find a large range of offers which are really turning over stock as fast as possible. They make huge money doing this type of business, and they also get excellent prices themselves, because of the high turnover values they give to manufacturers.

Electricals, electronics, TVs and white goods all fall into this category. Some of the biggest retailers on Earth are now all online, and they’re making more money than they could possibly hope to make in old style retail. That’s a big plus for consumers. The actual savings are easy to spot. If you’ve checked out a catalog for these brand name items recently from your local mall, see how long it takes you to find a better deal for the same item online. It’ll be about 3 minutes.

Getting the best of both worlds

Another very useful capability when looking for brand names is that sellers can easily access the big brand name stock lists. They can usually get what you want, if it’s human possible. That means for the sake of an email or filling in an online form, you can track down exactly what you want, with price, and probably
a better price, than you would using conventional retail.

The stores were caught napping by the big move online, but many have adapted rapidly, and have locked in suppliers for their best sellers, meaning all the major brands. They’re also using their retail space better, and also diversified a lot more, making them more competitive with online sources, because they can now offer a wider range in-house.

Getting the best deals

All of this means you can find a better deal for anything you want to buy. The main issue is convenience and price, and the online sellers often offer free delivery or cut rates. The stores will offer discounts on their range to be competitive.

Try a quick test of your brand name hunting and check out:

See how long it takes you to save a few hundred on each item. Then total up how much you’d save on all these things combined. You could buy yourself a holiday with it.

02 September 2010

Cheap Contact Lenses

Buying cheap contact lenses is easier than it’s ever been when you shop online. There are many different stores that offer great deals on all their contact lenses, and you can also usually get free shipping on an order over a certain dollar amount. With the ease of online shopping, there is really no reason to buy contact lenses from a local optometrist’s office. They rarely offer specials without having to get an eye exam, and it’s a waste of time getting in the car and driving around town when you do not need to.

If you’re looking to save even more money on your contact lenses, check out some of the online contact lens retailers that offer money back rebates. Some of these rebates can be as much as $40 dollars when you buy a bulk amount of contact lenses; usually 8 boxes or so. When you take these rebates into consideration, along with the already low online prices, and the free shipping, it really makes no sense to buy contact lenses from your optometrist ever again. Start buying your contact lenses online the next time you need a fresh pair, and you will wish you always had been.
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